About Us

Pairing a new outfit with the rest of your wardrobe can be a challenge!

Everyone owns that one favorite shirt which, frustratingly, only matches with one pair of pants!

We know this problem firsthand, and that’s why we created CJ’s Closet.

The concept of our boutique is founded on the necessity of being able to easily mix and match each article of clothing in your closet. Every article you select in our boutique will be located in its own “closet”-- an area in which everything inside has been curated specifically to create an endless amount of options for a particular season or event. You never have to spend an hour browsing for that *one* matching piece again!

Once you find your style, you will be able to easily bring everything together from one closet– that includes outfits, bags, and accessories!

Our main goal when creating CJ’s Closet was to design a reimagined shopping experience, and we believe we’ve done just that.

Welcome to a new way to shop.