About Us

Pairing a new outfit with the rest of your wardrobe can be a challenge!

We know this problem firsthand. That’s why we created CJ’s Closet. 

As we were coming up with the concept for the store, one of the first things we decided on was that every outfit on display needed to be located in the nearest closet. There’s nothing worse than finding a cute top and then spending an hour browsing around trying to find it.  We needed to ensure that everything in each and every closet is perfectly curated to work well together.

Once you find your style, we wanted you to be able to easily bring together the perfect outfit from one closet. If you find a blouse you love, you'll be sure to find matching bottoms and the perfect accessories to match in the same closet! One of our goals when creating CJ’s Closet was to design a reimagined shopping experience, we believe we’ve done just that.

Welcome to a new way to shop.